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Annual IgNITE Medical Conference

Join us for a virtual day filled with international networking, inspiration and innovation. We will have several guest speakers covering topics from research to medicine to bioethics and professional development. Everyone welcome, its completely FREE of charge!

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With over 1000+ students from across the world registered and a custom designed virtual platform, this will be a day filled with networking and inspiration!

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Be part of Science Innovation

Our top 40 teams from this years competition will be presenting their innovative projects and battle it out for our top 3 spots. This is a perfect opportunity to be part of our next generation of scientist. Come meet the teams, watch their videos, ask them questions. 

Wondering who our top 40 teams are? Click below!


A chance to network with STEM students and professionals from across North America

Our custom Virtual Platform is designed to incorporate 1-1 connection via video or live chat. Additionally, we will have dedicated time where you will be able to talk to the admissions committees for undergraduate, graduate and medical schools. Lastly, we have integrated a "speed networking" session that will randomly switch you into rooms every few minutes. Our rooms will be filled with professors, grad students and medical students ready to connect



Come listen to our inspirational and influential speakers

We are excited to present you with several influential speakers in the world of research and medicine. Scattered throughout the day, you will get the chance to hear about current cutting-edge immunological research, medical leadership in the digital age, ethics in research, and finally get a unique perspective by listening to our guest patient. More details to be launched soon!

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Win fun prizes & Boost your resume

Our platform will track your activity and give you points for different tasks. At the end of the day we will do random draws for our fun prizes which include gift cards, customized lab coats, museum experiences and more!

Joining our international event, you will become an official IgNITE Delegate. This is the perfect addition to your resume to showcase your passion for medicine and research!

Award Winner

The biggest networking event for STEM students

IgNITE is a Canadian non-profit organization that presents a yearly bilingual medical case competition for high school and undergraduate students. Our goal at IgNITE is to inspire the next generation of student researchers by giving them the skills to succeed in any laboratory setting. As an organization we act as a stepping stone for many students with no prior research experience or access to research opportunities by developing a platform that not only teaches students key skills (i.e. research techniques, scientific communication, critical appraisal) but also connects them with industry leading professionals to implement these skills. With our attractive monetary prizes and chance of publication, our competition attracts thousands of STEM students from across the world. In the last two years more than 1100 students, 200 graduate mentors, and 150 professors have joined the IgNITE competition! In addition, with all our social platforms and speaker events our community has grown to almost 10 000 students across North America! We are looking forward to ending off our year with our annual virtual conference on March 26th and we hope to see YOU there as well!

Keynote Speakers & Conference Agenda

coming soon....

Working from Home

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